bocas grill

We are a fusion of Latin American cuisines, a sight of flavors that will take you through a journey to South America and its gastronomic experience.

bocas house

We are a gastronomic concept that embraces the fusion of Latin American cuisines and take it to a whole new level. A place where you can feel at home while having a real and sophisticated culinary experience.


Do you know about our new restaurant of Latin charcoal flavors? Francisca Restaurant is genuinely a traditional Latin American gastronomic experience. Celebrating the union of cuisines in just one Place.

Comfort Food at its finest

Our new gastronomic proposal, with influences from Korean, Spanish, Italian, Argentine, and Brazilian cuisine, will amaze your palate. Get ready for Kitchen of the World!


Organic food made for your senses

Take a journey into our new gastronomic proposal, where innovative combinations and the highest quality ingredients will be served to please all your senses.


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